Tasting Grace


by Leah Adams & Jan Morton

Tasting Grace: A Mentoring-in-the Kitchen Bible Study is a delightful visit into the kitchens and hearts of two women who take seriously the biblical mandate to mentor other women, and to do it in the most delicious way possible.



Leah Adams and Jan Morton have combined mentoring, cooking classes, and Bible study into a book that offers food for the tummy and the soul.

Use this book to lead a group through a journey of Bible study and learning to cook, or use it to prepare for mentoring and hosting a cooking event of your own.

Praise for Tasting Grace

Author Beth Moore says:


"I am a huge fan of the Leah-and-Jan approach to mentoring women. Kitchen counters become sacred spaces and holy conversations take place over the clack and clatter of pans and dishes.


"The women laugh, lament life's painful bent and boast in Jesus and His gracious sufficiency. Godly counsel stirs up over savory chopped garlic and discipleship rises warm from the oven with the scents of cinnamon. 


"I'm not sure a person can find a better combination for tasting and seeing that the Lord is good."


What participants say about Tasting Grace


"I am happy to report that after 20 years of terrible biscuits, I can now make delicious biscuits! My kids come running every time I mention that I'm making biscuits. I cannot say my kitchen is clean afterwards, but the reward is well worth it."



"We had a sweet devotional time then got to work up to our elbows in beautiful white flour!"



"The time spent with devotion to start the day would always be just what I needed that day. I am blessed to have been able to be a part of this ministry."



"I'm 53 years old and had been terrified to attempt Chicken and Dumplings. After my Tasting Grace session, I actually felt compelled to make a go at it. My husband actually bragged on me to HIS Mom!!!"



"Today was the second time in all my 38 years that I've made biscuits. 

The first time was in Home Ec class in high school. Those biscuits were as hard as hockey pucks. It was awful, and my Home Ec teacher told me I would never be able to make biscuits and should stick to ordering from a menu like my mom. (Ouch!) 

Needless to say, I've been quite hesitant to make biscuits again since then. 

But, today, I DID IT. They are light, fluffy, and taste soooo good. 

And I let Carly help me, which made them even better. Leah, thank you for Tasting Grace. I will never be able to describe what you've done for me."



"I’ve always had a love for cooking. As I’ve gotten older, I have had more of a desire to learn how to cook traditional meals. 

My mother has always been the one I turn to for cooking advice. Since she passed away three years ago, I not only lost my best friend, but I lost the one who taught me everything, including cooking. 

I began attending Tasting Grace sessions to learn how to cook a variety of meals. Not only did I gain this knowledge, I gained friendships with a wonderful group of Godly women. 

Tasting Grace has given me the sweet fellowship I’ve needed in the most trying times. I will forever be thankful for Leah and her Tasting Grace sessions."


Inside the book:


The four-week Bible study and short devotionals offer a look into the why and how of mentoring by examining the lives of mentors in the Scriptures, including Paul, Jesus and others. 

The event planning guide tells you everything you need to know to prepare, plan and host your own mentoring-in-the-kitchen event. 

Sandwiched between the weeks of Bible study are wonderful recipes for homemade dishes, like chicken and dumplings, chocolate cobbler, and biscuits. 

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Leah Adams


Jan Morton

About the Authors

Leah Adams has a passion for speaking and writing the truth of Scripture in a way that makes the Bible relevant to daily life. Leah is a graduate of CLASS speaker training and the author of the Bible studies From the Trash Pile to the Treasure Chest: Creating a Godly Legacy and HeBrews: A Better Blend and the devotion book When Words Won’t Come. Leah is called “Mom” by two young adults and lives in northern Georgia with her husband.

Jan Morton has served as Women’s Ministry Director at Second Baptist Church in Warner Robins, Ga. for nearly 20 years. She and her husband, the Worship/Executive Pastor at Second Baptist, have two married sons and five wonderful grandchildren. She is an avid reader, cook, gardener, quilter, biscuit-maker, and blogger. Tasting Grace is her first book.

Who should read Tasting Grace?

  • Churches wanting to start a mentoring program
  • Churches that value discipleship
  • Churches wanting to deepen relationships across generations
  • You want to start a discipling relationship
  • You love to cook or want to learn how to cook
  • You love to teach others or want to teach others abou the Bible
  • You want to prepare meals for your family & friends
  • You want to pass on family traditions to your children
  • You want to study the Bible in a fun, interactive way