Facing Islam Without Fear

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by Patrick Nachtigall

Islam has entered into an intense conflict with itself and with people of other faiths. The world's fastest growing religion needs to be understood and engaged with love by followers of Jesus Christ.

Patrick Nachtigall introduces the basics of the Islamic faith, explains the underlying reasons for Islam's current instability, and does not shy away from the militancy found in many forms of Islam. Geo-political tensions, the terrorist threat, and Christian revivals breaking out are discussed as the book prepares Christians to engage Muslims -free of stereotypes, but with a realistic view of how Christianity differs from Islam.

Facing Islam Without Fear is required reading for all Christians as we enter into a globalized world where the Islamic faith will be engaging, confronting, and challenging Christianity.

Features and Benefits

  • Provides essential information about Islam in nontechnical terms that laypersons can understand.
  • Encourages Christians to engage in dialogue with Muslims to promote mutual understanding, rather than trying to convert one another.
  • Explains differences between Muslim culture and Western Christian cultures, apart from their differing theological beliefs.
  • Shows that militant Muslim extremists are few in number, despite sensational media coverage.

About the Author

Patrick Nachtigall received his M.A. at Yale University, where he studied world religions, including Islam, and is the author of four books that deal with the interface between religion and globalization. He has traveled to over 70 countries, lived on 4 continents, and his work over the past 15 years has been based in the Middle East, Asia, and Europe.

Facing Islam Without Fear

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Facing Islam Without Fear

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