Bulletins Communicate Care

Bulletins Communicate Care

I recently read this devotional by Robin Fogle on the back of a Reflections Bulletin:

Cityscapes provide a magnificent outline of urban life. While skyscrapers showcase impressive architecture and point to swirling activity, the distant scene doesn’t come close to reflecting the real story. Upon closer examination, the viewer discovers an array of lively details: a wedding in the ancient downtown cathedral; peaceful protestors standing in front of a government building; a family selling gelato from a portable stand near the fountain. Such details create a deeper respect, admiration, and even sometimes anxiety toward city life. We can take a similar approach to God’s attributes. We describe God as loving and great, but if we look more closely at His character, we grow more reverent, astonished, and at times fearful, toward Him. God is perfect in His splendor, pure in His Holiness, and Sovereign in His power. May we study God’s Word and look more closely at who God is. We will discover a Being so divinely supreme, we can only respond with adoration and worship. 
This devotional spoke of God’s care and concern so powerfully to me, I could barely speak! That the God of the Universe would care for me when at times I feel diminished by the enormity of life! 
I imagine my response is just one of many who experience something similar upon viewing a worship bulletin. 
Through an image, a Scripture, beautifully-designed artwork, or a well-scripted devotional, worship bulletins reflect God’s care for His creation, and we are moved to share care toward others.
I love the wedding bulletin that features the prayer:

Heavenly Father,
 Please bless us on this holy day of new beginnings.
 Teach us to love purely and faithfully 
 with a love like Yours.
 With each new dawn,
 may we draw closer to each other
 as we draw closer to You.

I remember how Jesus esteems His children with the bulletin depicting young people running, jumping, and smiling through green fields, combined with the lyrics, 
This little light of mine, I’m gonna’ let it shine.
An Easter morning sunrise bulletin that corresponds with the beautiful prose:
The breath of heaven on us, 
the gift of God within us. 
The cross of Jesus before us 
lifted high in Victory! 
Each bulletin reminds me of God’s truth, and I cannot help but share the same care for others. I want to reach out to the new couple. I want to show love toward the children. I want to shout to the world that Jesus is alive and they can live forever with Him!
This is the power of words. This is the anointing of Spirit-filled expressions of love and care toward all God’s people…
…and worship bulletins help me share His great message with others.
How do worship bulletins help you show care for others? Let us know! Comment below.

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