About Warner Press

About Warner Press

At Warner Press, our goal is to equip the Church for ministry. We strive to help churches and Christian organizations communicate better within their walls, encourage spiritual growth and biblical literacy, and share the hope of Christ and the good news of the gospel with a broken world.

Warner Press publishes and distributes Christian products worldwide, including ministry resources, church supplies, kids’ books, and greeting cards. We also own and produce artwork by the artist Warner Sallman, which includes some of the most recognizable images of Christ known throughout the world.

Warner Press is located in Anderson, Indiana and is a not-for-profit organization.

Our Purpose

As a Christ-centered company, we are driven by our core values. Our purpose is to equip the Church with creative products and solutions, combined with exceptional service, to glorify God, advance His Kingdom, and give hope to future generations.

Our Core Values

  1. The Scripture: We firmly believe that the Bible is the inspired and authoritative Word of God. The Scriptures fully guide and equip us for what God wants us to do. (2 Timothy 3:16-17)
  2. Servanthood: We believe that God has uniquely called us in this time for His purpose. The community we serve, whether it is customers, fellow employees, suppliers, partners or those who cross our daily paths, is vital in our quest to achieve our mission and vision. We believe that we must serve each other as Christ has called us to serve. (Colossians 3:23-24)
  3. Character: Character is the manifestation of Jesus Christ in our lives. We will conduct our business with honesty, integrity and Christian ethics, which will produce the highest standards in ministry. (Luke 16:10)
  4. Stewardship: Whether it is time, treasure, or talent, we are called to effectively manage the assets God has entrusted to our control. (Luke 12:48)

Our History

In 1881, Daniel Sydney Warner first published The Gospel Trumpet, a new religious periodical. The Gospel Trumpet Publishing Company was established as the voice and publishing house of the Church of God Reformation Movement. The movement was founded on Christian unity and holiness.

The Gospel Trumpet Publishing Company was located in several cities before its final move to Anderson, Indiana in 1906. The publishing company, whose name was changed to Warner Press in 1963, was the center of the Church of God Reformation Movement.

Through the years, Warner Press expanded in size and product offerings to include many Christian gift and stationery items. In 1996, the decision was made to refocus our purpose. Today, our mission and product offering center on meeting the needs of the Church. Warner Press provides and distributes church and ministry resources, children’s products and greeting cards for our partners in ministry.

Our Imprints

Warner Press Publishing

At Warner Press, it is our goal that every title we publish, through all of our imprints, ultimately helps people learn more about Jesus and become more like Him. We believe that everything in the Bible points to Jesus, and our books approach Scripture and other topics in ways that seek to find common ground among those who follow Him. Our catalog includes titles for nearly every age and features a variety of different types of books, from daily devotionals to books for academic study, to resources for teaching.

Warner Press Kids

Our Warner Press Kids imprint publishes books and materials for teaching children from preschool up to age 12. These titles help introduce kids to the stories of the Bible and teach them what it means to follow Jesus and to live like Him.

New Life Together

Our New Life Together imprint publishes resources that help people become more like Christ at every season of life. These intergenerational discipleship resources are designed for people of different ages to use together, helping them to experience meaningful spiritual growth while in community with others.

Tree 1:3

Our Tree 1:3 imprint derives its name from Psalm 1:3 and publishes ministry resources designed to help people grow more deeply in their faith. These resources promote spiritual formation through Bible study, reflection, and prayer, and encourage believers to become authentic spiritual leaders in their faith communities.

Church of God History and Theology

Historically Warner Press has been the publishing house for the Church of God (Anderson, Ind.). While we publish titles that are relevant to the wider Church, we also publish a number of titles specific to the interests of the Church of God. These books and resources, included among the titles published under the Warner Press imprint, discuss the history and theology of the Church of God movement and its focus on holiness and unity among believers.

Bridges Curriculum

Our Bridges curriculum is based on the Uniform Series of Bible lessons and is written with Wesleyan Holiness theology in mind. The lessons are compatible with the teachings of the Church of God (Anderson, Ind.) and other churches in the Wesleyan Holiness tradition and emphasize the importance of holiness and unity. Separate versions of the curriculum are written specifically for adults and for youth.

Francis Asbury Press

We are proud to be the exclusive distributor of titles from Francis Asbury Press. These inspirational titles and academic text books promote Wesleyan Holiness theology and focus on topics related to sanctification and growth in holiness.