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Pathways to God (Summer)

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I was disappointed when I read the scripture on Sunday June 26 2016. The suggested scripture reading was Romans 1: 18-23,28-32. Why did Judy Davis skip 24-27? Is the Church of God becoming politically correct and not wanting to mention the sin of homosexuality. I hope not. ***Response from our editors: Thanks for your feedback! The issue you pointed out occurred in the Adult Bridges Curriculum, as well. Both Pathways to God and the Adult Bridges Curriculum follow Scripture passages predetermined by the Committee on the Uniform Series (CUS), a group composed of representatives from a number of churches. The Church of God has participated in CUS for many years. CUS has a goal to cover every major teaching passage in the Bible every six years. In the case of the passage you mentioned (Romans 1:18–23, 28–32), the overall theme of that unit was the need to turn from ungodliness, wickedness, and corruption, moving instead toward a realization of life the way God created it to be: a loving, obedient relationship with God through the redeeming power of Jesus Christ. It is possible CUS determined that omitting verses 24–27 left the main message of the passage intact. It is also possible that those verses were left out due to restrictions on how many contiguous verses can be printed without violating copyright restrictions. In order to maintain continuity, we try to stick to the CUS passages whenever possible. Our writers cover the verses we assign them; it was not Judy’s decision to leave anything out. Please be assured that the Church of God is not “becoming politically correct and not wanting to mention the sin of homosexuality.” In fact, the General Assembly recently affirmed God’s design of marriage as the union of one man and one woman (see***