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Egermeier's Bible Story Book (Hardback)

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My father bought an earlier printing of this book in 1951. He raised four kids in church and read us a story from this book almost every night. He also quizzed us using the questions for each story. The question mentioned in the other review is not worded the same in my book as was stated by the person giving that review.

Yes Hi we have enjoyed using this book at family time BUT! We have found some errors in the question and answer section. When discussing Sodom , the question asks "how many righteous people were living in Sodom? " the answer given is 10 which is INCORRECT! There were none righteous that is why God destroyed Sodom.
I am hoping that this error has been corrected in newer editions, but I am not sure.. Was hoping that Warner Press could shed some light on this. Thank you,
Kelly kortright