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Hardbound, 28 pages - full color

The Bible is God's love letter to His children. In contains many valuable lessons that kids can learn even when they are very young. God's Amazing Book, written by Kathleen Ruckman and illustrated by Lauretta Davies, ties scripture verses to objects and scenarios that children can identify with, making the Bible relevant, even at their level. Kids will realize that the Bible was meant for them too, and includes the following affermations:

- The Bible is like a love letter to you:

Read John 3:16

- God's Word guides your steps like a flashlight in the dark:

Read Psalm 119:105

- The words in the Bible are like seeds; they help you grow:

Read 2 Peter 3:18

- God's Word helps keep your heart clean when you read

and obey it: Read Psalm 119:9

- The Bible is like a map when you don't know which way to turn:

Read Isaiah 30:21

- The words in the Bible are more precious to you than gold:

Read Psalm 19:10

- The words in the Bible are much sweeter to you than honey:

Read Psalm 119:103

- The bible is like a mirror; it helps you see how to live like Jesus:

Read james 1:25

Ages: 4-7

Author : Kathleen Ruckman

Illustrator: Lauretta Davies

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