Unwrapping The Servant

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Unwrapping the Servant

Teaching Kids to Serve Jesus and Others

by Tina Houser

Parents, grandparents, teachers, coaches, and children's ministry workers are guilty of creating a world that makes kids think it's all about them.
We eat in restaurants that the kids choose. We go on vacations where they want to go. All our free time is spent around the sports and activities that the kids are involved in. It's no surprise that when kids are asked to name the needs they have noticed in their little world, they can't answer! Why is that? It's because they don't see them. Their eyes are focused inward, not outward. That needs to change!

As you work on the many projects described in this book, you and your kids will have a blast serving others. Also included is an outline of an incredibly effective, six-week program where you dive into the topic of serving others with kids as young as preschool.

Through these experiences, your kids' lives will be changed as God
unwraps the servant's heart that is waiting to be unleashed in each person.

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Ages: Activities for early and upper elementary
RELIGION/Christian Education/Children
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Features and Benefits

  • Offers fun, engaging ways kids can serve others.
  • Includes six-week training course for children that teaches them how to become a servant.
  • Activities primarily for children 8 and up with some appropriate for children as young as preschool.
  • Methods have been tested by author in children's ministry settings.
  • Ideal resource for children's ministry or family worship.

About the Author

After 32 years in children's ministry within the local church, Tina is now the senior publications director for KidzMatter and
executive editor of KidzMatter Magazine where she oversees the content of the magazine and develops curriculum products.
She absolutely loves being able to train volunteers and professionals who have a heart for seeing kids become disciples of Jesus,
whether that is through writing curriculum, writing idea books for Warner Press, or being able to speak at conferences. Check
out what's happening with Tina at or read her blog at

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