Exodus:The Way Out

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Exodus: The Way Out

By John N. Oswalt

Blaze Bible Studies

Where do you turn when you need deliverance? To someone stronger and wiser than yourself. And if Almighty God will deliver you, no oppressor can keep you under his thumb.

The people of Israel learned this when God delivered them from the pharaoh of Egypt about 1275 BC. Even though Pharaoh had the world's largest army and incredible resources at his disposal, he was no match for Yahweh-the God who controlled all the forces of nature and life itself.

Dr. John Oswalt invites us to accompany the Israelites on their journey to freedom. Along the way, we learn that God can still deliver anyone who calls upon him. Whether we are oppressed by a vicious political leader, by famine and disease, or even by self-destructive forces of evil within us, God can set us free. He offers us a way out of our captivity.

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    In this book, John Oswalt, once again, demonstrates that he's light years ahead of so many others in understanding the heart of the gospel message. Dr. Oslwalt's mastery of the scripture and Spirit-led insights are nourishment for the soul. This book brings to life the message of the Old Testament as well as the importance of its voice in a time where the Gospel message has been nearly entirely cut-off from its Old Testament theological heritage. If I could, I would give this book 6 out of 5 stars. A absolute, must read for anyone serious about knowing Christ intimately.

    This is a wonderful book that is written in a way that opens up the Old Testament to a brand new depth of understanding.
    Roger Rhoads

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