Lectures in Old Testament Theology

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Lectures in Old Testament Theology
By Dennis F. Kinlaw, with John N. Oswalt

"Is there such a thing as an Old Testament theology? Or does the Old Testament simply reflect a number of competing theologies?…"

"In these lectures, first delivered in 1993, Dennis F. Kinlaw shows that there is indeed a single theology that rings through the pages of the Old Testament. That theology is centered in the unchanging nature of the transcendent Yahweh. Kinlaw does not slight the diversities of the text, but uses those diversities to underline the amazing consistency to be found in the treatment of Yahweh and in the understanding of the world arising from that perspective.

"Although it has been seventeen years since these lectures were first given, Kinlaw's penetrating grasp of, and love for, the text and its message makes the content as fresh as tomorrow. Anyone looking for a broad introduction to Old Testament theology will benefit from reading this book, but so will those who desire nothing more than to have their love for Yahweh rekindled."

     -John N. Oswalt, from the Foreword

Imprint: Francis Asbury Press
Format: Paperback
Pages: 496
Size: 6" x 9"

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