Weekly Worship Bulletin Service

Weekly Worship Bulletin Service

What is the Weekly Worship Bulletin Service?

With the Weekly Worship Bulletin Service, your church will enjoy hassle-free delivery of top-quality worship bulletins directly to your door. Simply set up an account for the number of bulletins you will regularly need for your services, and the bulletins are shipped directly to your church. The service is convenient and affordable! No need to spend time selecting or designing your bulletin covers, and low prices help you save money—you'll pay up to 37% less for your bulletins compared to purchasing them off the shelf.


Benefits to Your Church

  • Five bulletin styles in various formats are available to fit the worship style of nearly any church.
  • Reproducible Kids' Activity Bulletins containing games, puzzles, and coloring activities that reinforce Bible stories can be ordered and shipped with your Weekly Worship Bulletin Service delivery or ordered separately.
  • Service is continuous without renewals.
  • Receive prompt, UPS delivery directly to the church each quarter. (No PO Box deliveries – Alaska and Hawaii call for shipping carrier info)
  • Save up to 37% compared to off-the-shelf bulletin prices
  • Extra bulletins are available for Easter, Mother's Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas and shipped with your regular order.
  • A handy guide is included in each order, showing which bulletin has been designed for each week.
  • A template is included with tab-format bulletins for easier print setup.
  • Imprinting is available for the Christian Art® line. The cost is $.02 for each bulletin, any quantity. (Imprints should be ordered early or this service may be delayed until the following quarter.)

Other Important Information

  • Service will begin after credit application is approved or credit card information is received.
  • Six-Week Trial Subscriptions are available for purchase online.
  • Bulletin imprints on the Christian Art® line usually take longer to set up, so you may experience one quarter without imprinting services.
  • No returns or exchanges on any bulletins.
  • All cancellations/changes require a 90-day notice and must be received by the following dates:
    • First Quarter 2017: October 3, 2016 (January, February, March)
    • Second Quarter 2017: January 3, 2017 (April, May, June)
    • Third Quarter 2017: April 3, 2017 (July, August, September)
    • Fourth Quarter 2017: July 5, 2017 (October, November, December)

How do I get started on the Weekly Worship Bulletin Service?

Call a Warner Press representative today at 1-800-741-7721 or complete the online form.

Want to give Weekly Worship Bulletin Service a try first?

We offer trials of all of our lines. You'll receive six-weeks worth of bulletins, so you can see if the Weekly Worship Bulletin Service is right for your church. Click on the items below for more information and to order.

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